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"My life was in a downward spiral.  I couldn't trust anyone including church people.  LIFE IN CHRIST FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER has proven to be a lifeline to me and my family. I thank God that HE placed shepherds after HIS own heart in my life."


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Regular Hours

Services are held at:
Salem Lutheran Evangelical Church

12951 S. Maple, Blue Island, IL 60406



12:30 pm  Worship Service


Tuesdays (2nd & 3rd)

7:00 pm  Corporate Prayer

7:30 pm  Life in the Word (Bible Study)


BL3 Service (4th Tuesdays)

7:00 pm


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Kingdom Kidz Bible Study

Beginning Jan 2017

Kis fully functioning in their bible study series, understanding fasting and participating in the ministries corporate fast.  We have classes for all ages 3 - 12.  Join us for corporate prayer at 7 pm and K2's Life in the Word each Tuesday.


           Life in Christ Family Worship Center


Youth Ministry 



Salvation -Baptism -Communion Class



Course Objective:       

Salvation, Baptism, Communion class is designed for those who are ready to receive Jesus into their heart OR who already have and are asking questions about baptism and communion.


Course Topics:

  1. Heaven is a Free Gift
  2. Am I a sinner
  3. The Cost of Sin
  4. Jesus is the Answer
  5. Trusting In Christ Alone
  6. The Last Supper
  7. Jesus Prays


Couse Supplies and Materials:

          SBC Binder, Bible, Pencil, Highlighter


Successful completion is based upon:

  1. Attendance
  2. Participation
  3. Memory verses
  4. Completion of ALL homework
  5. Final Exam (written and oral)









Bring completed sheets in folder on 1st day of class – October 28th.


October 28

Heaven is a Free Gift

Genesis 11: 1-8


November 4

Am I a sinner

Genesis 4: 1-14


November 11

The Cost of Sin

Romans 5: 6-11


November 18

Jesus is the Answer

Matthew 8: 23-27


November 25

Trusting In Christ Alone

Matthew 26


December 2

The Last Supper

Answer questions about Communion


December 9

Jesus Prays

Complete Final Exam Questions


December 16

Final Exam



December 22




December 23





Life in Christ Family Worship Center        


Youth Ministry 


Salvation -Baptism -Communion Class



Dear Parents


The age of accountability is an expression that is nowhere found in the Bible. But the idea of a person’s accountability before God is certainly Biblical. God does not hold a person responsible for something that he cannot do. Those who are incapable of belief are not condemned for what they are unable to do. However, somewhere along the line, as a child grows and develops, he reaches the point where he’s able to understand, make decisions and respond to whatever revelation that God has given to him.

I’m thankful that the gospel of Christ is so simple that even a young child can understand it. You don’t have to have a college degree or be a seminary professor in order to understand the love of Christ, His death for sinners and the gospel of grace. Some of you (including myself) can testify that you came to know Christ at an early age.

So when is the age of accountability? When does a person become capable of believing? When does a person reach the age when he is able to understand God’s revelation and is accountable before God for what he does with the truth?

God alone knows the answer. It is wrong for us to set an arbitrary age for every person: "The age of accountability is reached for every person when they have their 5th birthday." This is not correct. Every person is an individual and has unique mental capacities, and God alone knows when a person is old enough to either receive Christ or reject Him. There are some individuals who may be severely mentally handicapped or others who may live in a vegetative state who may never reach the age of accountability. All of that is God’s business not ours. You can be sure that God will do His part, and with every individual in the world we know that the "Judge of all the earth will do right" (Gen. 18:25). What is our job? As parents we need to teach our children about the Saviour from their earliest days, and give them God’s truth as soon as they are able to understand it, trusting God to do the work in their hearts, in His time and way, which only He can do.



When are children ready for communion?


  1. Children between birth and 3 years old can begin to learn about the Lord’s Supper while communion is being served. Parents can talk about what is happening with simple words such as “when we eat and drink we remember the special meal Jesus had with his friends.”


  1. Children 3-5 years old are often quite curious about communion elements. Parents can share that “God’s people share a meal together as God’s family.”



  1. Children aged 6-8 years old are reading and are often able to think both historically and symbolically so parents can talk about how we remember Jesus when we share communion.


  1. Children aged 9-12 years old are more skilled at abstract and symbolic thinking as they grow. They are gaining understanding of the presence of Jesus in the sacrament and that as we participate, we are receiving God’s love and forgiveness and saying thank you.


I look forward to getting you know your son or daughter and enhancing their knowledge of Salvation, Baptism and Communion. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss any concerns.




What it Means to Become a Christian

The Bible is full of stories about interesting people and the amazing things they've gone through. There's Jonah and the whale, Daniel and the Lion's Den, and Noah's Ark just to name a few. All these stories are very interesting, but there is one common thing about them all, God listened and helped all these people.

Even though these stories happened many, many, many years ago, God was always there for them and he can do the same for you. Even though these men couldn't see God, they seemed to know that He was always with them and trusted Him.

If we believe in God and obey what he said we ask a special part of Jesus to live inside us, that's what it means to become a Christian, Christ-in you.

When you ask Jesus into your heart it's just like accepting a gift from God. When someone gives you a gift do you take it and open it up or do you give it back because you don't want it?

When we accept the gift of Jesus amazing things automatically happen. We become a part of God's family and His family is full of people who believe in God and have asked Jesus to live in them too.

Another great thing that happens is that Jesus' Spirit comes to live in us. That means a part of Jesus will always be with us, so if we're ever in trouble, scared, or need someone to talk to He will always be there.

The last exciting thing about becoming a Christian is that we will someday get to live in heaven with God and all of His family. Heaven is a wonderful place God has made for us to live with Him. There is no hurt or sickness there, just happiness all the time (we might even be able to fly)!

We'll also be able to see God every day and live with Him. Heaven is a place God has saved for all those who believe in Him, who have asked Him into their hearts, and who try to live the way he wants us to. God made earth for everyone, so imagine how great God's home will be for just the people that love Him. It's a place where we will live forever!



If you want to become a Christian and have 'Christ-in' you there are a few important things you need to know and believe:

  • God loves you and made you for a reason.

That means God loves you know matter what you've done. He made us even though He knew we wouldn't be perfect, but He wants us to do our best to live the way He asks us to in the Bible.
We're alive because God made us for a reason. By using the talents he gave you and sharing his love, you will be doing the special thing God made you for.

  • We sin which makes us separate from God.

Sin is doing something we shouldn't do. That includes bad thoughts or being jealous of others, how we talk, and the bad things we do (and we all have sinned over and over again)! The trouble is that God can't stand sin because He's perfect. Ever since Adam and Eve ate from the tree in the garden God couldn't have the same relationship with us. So...

  • Jesus came to earth to die on the cross so that our sin (the things we do wrong) could be forgiven and then He rose from the dead.

Now we can have a better relationship with God because when Jesus died he took the punishment we deserve for all our mistakes. Our sin is like dirt. If we get dirty, we have to do something to wash it off. So when we ask for forgiveness (or say we're sorry to God) God washes the sin away and he sees us as clean or perfect and we can have a relationship with Him again.

  • Now I want to obey God and do what He wants. I want to please God and do things his way instead of doing things my own way.

That's the free gift! By asking Jesus into your life and trying to live your life to please Him, God forgives you and you will be able to live with God forever in Heaven! Being a Christian is great, but that doesn't mean it will always be easy. There is still 'bad' in the world but as Christians we always have God and other Christians to turn to. You will never be alone again!

Some people (even adults) think that as long as they're nice to others and do the right thing or if their parents are Christians that will get them into heaven someday, but that's not true. You have to decide that you accept God's gift and tell God you want it. Once you do that Jesus automatically lives in you.


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