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"My life was in a downward spiral.  I couldn't trust anyone including church people.  LIFE IN CHRIST FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER has proven to be a lifeline to me and my family. I thank God that HE placed shepherds after HIS own heart in my life."


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Regular Hours

Services are held at:
Salem Lutheran Evangelical Church

12951 S. Maple, Blue Island, IL 60406



12:30 pm  Worship Service


Tuesdays (2nd & 3rd)

7:00 pm  Corporate Prayer

7:30 pm  Life in the Word (Bible Study)


BL3 Service (4th Tuesdays)

7:00 pm


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Out The Box Evangelism

Apostle Jalani McCaa is teaching an 8-week series on evangelism for this day and time.  Come learn and be set on fire...then let is spread like a wild fire in the earth realm.  Join us every Tuesday night beginning January 3, 2017.  Its never to late to pick up your torch and light fires, creating disciples of men.


Spiritual Harvest

Its imperative that the body of Christ work the vineyard, sharing God's love and grace.  It is imperative for us to share the gospel, spreading the good news throughout this world.  Come gain the knowledge, tools and resources available to all believers on reaping the spiritual harvest - revealed through God's word. Tuesdays at 7pm.

Knowing God's Voice

Class Begins Tuesday, November 13, 2012


"What is God's will for me?"



This question is perhaps the one most often asked by believers. It is also a question that frequently confronts Christian leaders as men and women turn to them for guidance in decision making.



In everyday situations of life, believers are constantly making choices which determine whether or not they will do the perfect will of God. It is essential to know God's voice, understand His will, and make right decisions each day. It is important because each minor decision affects the finding of God's will for a lifetime.



Man must make choices in relationship to God's will. This plan was instituted by God when Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden (Genesis l-3). God's will for Adam and Eve was to name the animals, tend the Garden, have companionship with each other, and reproduce to populate the earth. Most important, they were to maintain intimate fellowship with God. Adam and Eve were also warned about what was not God's will.



They were forbidden to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Including the story of Adam and Eve, the entire Bible is a history of decisions which individuals and nations made in relation to God's will. You can learn from both the successes and failures of these men and women.



One of the most exciting revelations in the Bible is that God has a definite plan for every individual for this life and eternity. In order to fulfill these plans you must come to know God's voice. You must learn how He has communicated in times past and how He speaks today.



This course explains how God speaks to man and how to find God's will for your life. Guidelines are given on knowing the voice of God and determining His will. The pattern of God's will and Scriptural examples of how God reveals His will are discussed.


A Scriptural model for decision making is explained. Guidelines are presented on overcoming wrong decisions, what to do if you have missed the will of God, and handling questionable practices. Six stages of revelation of a plan of God are also identified.

Prayer Bible Study



We've just completed 25 weeks of intensive training in PRAYER!


We have learned how to communicate with God and get our prayers answered!


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